Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Funny-tines Day!

A Happy Funny-tines indeed. Since Lucas can't say Valentines, he opted for Funny-tines. It stuck. This year Craig and I went to good 'ol Red Lobster the Friday before Valentine's Day. It may not be the most romantic place (especially since we went at 4:00 which we all know means senior citizens GALORE) but it was fun to just get out and have some sea food. It had been over two months since we had gone on a date just the two of us so it was well needed.

On Monday I gave Craig a Valentine's day card that was funny but a little inappropriate so I won't share with you what it said, however, i'm sure Craig in all his inappropriateness would love to tell you so you can go ahead and ask him about it, if you dare. But along with the card I got him his favorite ginger beer (see previous blog post) and some Easter candy (because I know how much he loves it). Lucas and him went out that day and brought me back some beautiful pink roses! My boys are my favorite valentines.

Hope you all found someone to express your love to!

That's right, that's pink oatmeal

Nuband is my nickname for Craig...I don't want to's too embarrassing already...

And of course the LOVELY roses

And finally, a Valentine's Day nap. Yes, this is how we found him when we went in to check on him.