Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Anni-Familiversary!

Today was our three year Anni-Famili-versary! We made it to three only an eternity to go!

We didn't do much this year as we are expecting our second little one any day now. Friday we went and ran errands as our "date" and went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. Today we enjoyed a lovely quiche Lorraine for dinner with Lucas and told each other how grateful we were for each other. I got Craig a card and a V-neck T-shirt in this really great green-ish turquoise that looks just fantastic with his eyes and skin tone so really it was a gift for both of us. We got a card in the mail from my parents (gracias Nona and Papa) with a Visa gift card in it that we will spend on an afternoon sushi trip and new bathroom mats for Lucas and Darci's bathroom. We're such adults.

I love my husband and love that we, so far, have agreed on the important things in life. We are extremely lucky to have each other and, soon to be, two fantastic children. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some pictures of our fun, weird, kooky family (thus far).

Our first road trip back in 2008. Look at us...just a couple of kids!

I'm pretty sure Lucas thought that this was the opportune time to pass gas...he's definitely our son...

He wasn't smiling so I decided to make the same face he was so it wouldn't be awkward...little did I know...

Yes...this was supposed to be our Christmas Card one year...

Lucas is CLEARLY not as amused as we are...

These boys are the BEST

Happy Anni-Famili-versary!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newport Village

After moving three times since we've been married we may have found a place we can call home...for a few years. Seriously, it drives me nuts thinking about how many times we've moved in the past three years.

So this time when looking for an apartment we made a list of absolutely everything we would need in an apartment in order to live there for an extended period of time. It's amazing that we found the place we found because it has EVERYTHING on our list checked off. I didn't think we would be able to find a place so seemingly perfect. I'm still waiting for the downside to show it's ugly face, but something tells me that after as critical as Craig and I have tried to be, we haven't found a deal breaker about it yet.

The realty company that owns the apartment has been extremely helpful and accommodating and we can't wait to move in. We're hoping to sign sometime this week and start moving our stuff in a couple of weeks from then.

It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms with jetted tubs (not a necessity but super cool anyways), a laundry room, a patio with a storage closet in it, a nice kitchen with a flat range stove and granite counter tops, and all we have to pay for in addition is gas and electric. All under the price range we were looking for.

Welcome to Newport Village

Yes we WERE able to find a bottom floor, so no hiking up any stairs anymore!!

The kitchen is just fantastic and logical and I'm so excited to fill it with our own stuff and to cook in it!

And amazingly enough we have a dining room! We'll eventually have to get a dining table set, but for now or humble table and folding chairs will have to do

And YES we FINALLY get a LAUNDRY ROOM. It wasn't enough that we were looking just for an apartment with a washer and drier but we found an apartment with a washer and drier and COUNTER SPACE to go with it!

We're very excited and can't wait to move in and make it a home for us. The neighborhood is perfect too because it's full of small families like ours. Also, it's literally a mile up the street from our place now so it won't be killer to move and Craig will still be able to ride his bike to school once the construction finishes.

Home sweet home here we come! Wish us luck!