Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ANOTHER Happy List

It's that time of the year, folks! Time to make a list of what makes me happy. There may be a few repeats on there but i'm trying to think of new things. Enjoy!

1. All things Lucas
2. Disneyland...especially with friends
3. Comfort foods especially Thanksgiving foods
4. Waking up to snow and knowing I don't have to go out that day
5. My husband's future career
6. Listening to classical music...especially in the fall when it goes with the like music
7. Going to the Temple
8. Dancing...especially with Lucas
9. When Lucas asks for more vegetables (see no. 1)
10. Watching powerful movies
11. Listening to influential people share my beliefs and utilize their celebrity
12. Thunderstorms at night
13. Finding really good deals on baby clothes
14. Sweater weather
15. Law and Order Marathons on TNT
16. Sam Waterston yelling in a courtroom (see above)
17. Having incredibly talented and ambitious friends
18. Working towards something
19. Baking/Cooking
20. Dancing Grandmas
21. Serving others
22. Clean sheets
23. Murder She Wrote
24. Playing air piano
25. My supportive and understanding husband

I found it was difficult to come up with twenty five things that made me happy, but as I started to think of the small things, I realized a lot made me happy. Try and think of twenty five things that make you happy, you'd be surprised on what you can come up with.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ginger Beer!

Hello everyone, this is Craig. I know I don't usually post, but Angie got me something that has me really excited:) She was out grocery shopping today and she came across a particular drink that most people know that I love, Ginger Beer! Normally, I'm happy with just about any Ginger Beer, but it has become increasingly hard to find a good one. Lately, some companies are just making what seems to be less-sweet Ginger Ale and passing it off as a poor imitation of it's gingerier older brother. My wife outdid herself this time by purchasing an Australian Ginger Beer that is brewed by a company called "Bundaberg". As we all know, Australians generally do their drinks right, and this was no exception. The drink even included the instructions to "invert bottle before opening" in order to mix up its real ginger bits, before you pull off it's grenade-like cap and spill it's cool, bubbly contents onto the awaiting taste buds . The flavor was smooth and rich with the extra kick of ginger expected of a real ginger beer, but not overwhelming, something often wrong with most other companies recent attempts at ginger beer. Above all else it pleases me to say, that this drink pleased me. Well done Bundaberg, well done.

Notice it's cap...they mean business with this flavor explosion

The one I have has a Kangaroo on know, because it's from Australia.

Friday, October 1, 2010

When you Wish Upon a Star...

...THIS is what you get. Disneyland! That's right we went! Tuesday and Wednesday of this last week Enos, Lindsay, Craig and I braved Anaheim and arrived at Disneyland! Our parents were good sports and agreed to watch the chidders whilst we whisked ourselves away to a couple of days in the Happiest Place on Earth. We had some good laughs and deliciously expensive food. So here's to Walt Disney and his fantastic dream. Cheers!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Couple of Besties

Splash Mountain!

Jedi Training Camp

Enos is REALLY excited about Dumbo

First time on the ride!

Me and Bert!

And finally, Gene Wilder here to remind us that
"we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"