Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Happy List

So here is a little pick-me-up for whomever else needs one. I was reading my brother's blog and he was listing a few things that make him and his wife, Rikki, happy. So here is a list of 25 things that make me happy:

1. Babies named Lucas.
2. Irish folk music (and yes...Flogging Molly counts because they are punk BASED on irish folk music.)
3. Sleeping after a long physically challenging day.
4. Rain...especially Seattle rain.
5. Clean apartments/houses.
6. Delicious meals that I don't have to cook.
7. Sushi...and sushi with friends...
8. Working
9. Having that sense of accomplishment after doing something I've wanted to do for a while.
10. Craig being spontaneous
11. Jackets and Jacket weather
12. Family food shopping...yes...we do it together.
13. Oliver car that is...even though the actor that plays him on Smallville is uncommonly handsome.
14. My family in the same room...priceless.
15. The way Luke smells after a bath.
16. People watching at the University Mall.
17. Reading "fantastical" books with Craig.
18. The word "fantastical"
19. Watching powerful movies
20. Listening to music while getting ready for the day.
21. Sledding with Craig and my cousins Brooke and Brian.
22. Dancing Grandmas
23. Thanksgiving food
24. Listening to classical music...especially in the fall when it goes with the like colors.
25. Reading when it's cold out. It makes me feel accomplished.

oh and one more...I lied...

It makes me happy when Enos comments and demands a picture despite how necessary they are. :) I miss you guys.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I suppose...

...seeing as it's Luke's half birthday tomorrow this can count as his half birthday gift. We got him a walker. He loves it. He's not really trekking around in it yet, but he sure tries and that's what counts. Here's a video of him with his new toy:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sometimes it's just incredible how we get to where we are. Once upon a time we were little kids, running around being the biggest dorks and then we grow up...different. But it's not different in the "aw, we're different but it's OK, we understand each other" way, it's the different in the "seriously? you've become the one type of person in the world i don't respect?". I just don't see how it happens. And when you look down through your past and see where you went and and which path they've chosen, you see exactly how and where your selves took two different paths. Sometimes it's when you parted ways, but sometimes, it's when you thought of yourselves as friends and you refused to let that effect your feelings for that friend because you were afraid to be alone. Unfortunately, you see that you would have much rather been alone then waste your emotions on that person. In the end, you're glad you are not where that person is, because you see that you wouldn't have been the person you were today if you hadn't made that necessary emotional severance.