Tuesday, March 15, 2011


That's right, Pi. Yesterday, for the late folk, was 3/14 or 3.14 or Pi Day! Well we wanted to do SOMETHING to celebrate so we did. We ate pie. I think we (and by we I mean me) made such a big deal about celebrating it this year because we didn't get to last year, so this was definitely a more conscious effort. We'll have to see how next year goes!

Happy Pi Day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

And my heart sang...

...with delight when I read an article about a stolen birthday cake. Stealing is usually frowned upon according to my moral coding but I read this article last week and could not help but squeal with delight.

So Paris Hilton (yuck) turned 30 last week and, of course, had an unnecessarily large and extravagant party. Apparently a guy named Paz crashed said extravagant festivity with only one goal in mind, to crash Paris Hilton's party. But oh how things changed. After becoming severely inebriated he made his way over to the cake table for some delicious birthday cake and oh what a birthday cake he found! She was a blood red, 3-tier, red velvet cake just begging to be eaten. When he asked a waiter when the sultry beauty of a cake would be cut, the waiter simply informed him that the cake was mostly for show and that it would most likely get thrown out at the end of the night. Despite his intoxication, even Paz could see this was an unacceptable end to such a delicious and expensive ($3212.00) cake. His new mission, to save the confection from its doomed fate. So without further consideration (perhaps the "liquid courage" helped) he walks purposefully up to the cake table, picks up the 70 lb. cake and walks purposefully out of the party.

The next morning he wakes up with not only a hang over, but a giant red birthday cake in his apartment. So what does one do with a stolen birthday cake with the name "Paris" on it? You send it to Skid Row of course! No no...not the band. The actual place. He decided the cake was "taking on a mind of it's own" so he decided the best place to take it would be to the infamously impoverished part of Los Angeles. He fed 125 homeless people cake that day.

So why does my heart sing? Because not only did he choose to feed the hungry and poor with a ridiculously expensive cake that i'm sure they will never forget, but he was able to give Paris Hilton a double middle finger. First because he stole her cake and second because he showed the public just how far her selfishness goes. Blessed be the Robin Hoods of today for tearing down the tyranny of celebrity.