Thursday, April 26, 2012

Someday Jobs

If you know me, you know I love to work and have a PLETHORA of different jobs I would love to work. For those of you who don't know me, this post will be a little more enlightening as to what kind of person I am.

I want to be...

A therapist
A mailman
An ultrasound tech
A Papa Murphey's pizza maker
A grocery store clerk
An art historian
A librarian
A maid
A personal chef
A personal assistant
A personal shopper
A secret shopper
A crossing guard
A cake decorator
A baker
A school nurse
An oceanographer
A dental assistant
A dental hygienist
An actress
A book on tape reader
A restaurant critic
A concert pianist
A dog walker
A pet groomer
A veterinarian 
A pizza deliverer
A horse trainer/ border
A tap dancer
A fencing instructor
A Disneyland character
An interpreter
A show bartender
A stage hand
An Edible Arrangements arranger
A florist
A mascot
A stunt driver

I'm pretty sure there are more...we'll see if I add in some more later.

....and just because they're cute.


We're still trying to figure out Easter traditions for our family. This year we may have found them. On Saturday we went on a picnic with my sister Leah and her boyfriend Zach. She decided to put together an Easter egg hunt for Lucas. He loved it. He still doesn't believe in the Easter bunny but goes along with the fun, anyways. We had fun with all of our picnic food and feeding the not-very-hungry ducks. The next morning the Easter Bunny came and we went off to church in our Easter Sunday best. We had fun explaining Easter to him and then him in turn talking about it for about a week afterward. We are grateful for this time of year to remind us of how lucky we are. 

He found one! And there's one right behind him...

Isn't she adorable!

Easter, guys. Easter.

Lucas' Birthday

Lucas is a big three year old now! We had a friend birthday party on March 17th and then celebrated with Nona on their actual birthday, March 22nd. When I was asking him what kind of a birthday party he wanted he said he wanted a My Little Pony party. So I ran through a few of his other favorite cartoons to make sure that really was what he wanted and he decided to switch it to a Mickey Mouse party. Everyone came and we all had a blast! 

She's all ready for the party!

 He got a cane and baton! Now he's a legit Fred Astair.

The Cupcake.

He's been dreaming of this moment for months.

Can you tell?

To me this is the classic party picture. At least one kid crying and only one kid looking at the camera. Classic.

Birthday morning presents!

With Birthday Breakfast Cereal!

And German Chocolate cake with Nona! Yum.

Brooke and Sarah (my cousins) joined us and gave Lucas some Star Wars finger puppets. They're adorable. 

Lucas is a funny man now. He loves to dance and sing, he loves his friends and his family. His favorite stuffed animals are all of them, however, he still carries Elmo and Mickey around the most. He likes to tell stories and act them out. He loves playing with Darci and loves that she loves him too. He can count to twenty, sing his ABCs and has even been practicing writing them with what he calls his "Ipad" (which is really magnetic drawing board). He loves animals and says he wants a kitty and a puppy someday. We'll see. We love him so much and are very grateful for him and the flavor he adds to this family. 

(p.s. while I was writing this post he kept singing "Happy Birthday" to himself.)