Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 19th, 2012

Darci turned 9 months old this last Saturday. It's AMAZING how fast she's grown! She LOVES playing with her brother. She follows him around everywhere. She loves that he is more often than not the first person she sees in the morning. She loves to crawl around and loves to gab. She's extremely curious which means she gets into everything. She is ambitious and fearless which can be a good thing or a bad thing. She's smart and loves to study people. She'll look at you for a while and try and figure you out. I don't know where she gets that...

After church with Nona!

In her pretty Sunday dress!

With her cute pink egg!

And her pretty pink dress from Grandma!

Hanging out with GG!

Hanging out with her favorite brother!

And snuggling with her Grandma!

And crawling into odd places!

While waiting for merry go rounds!

And just being cute!

Oh yeah. I also turned 23 on Saturday. We went and saw The Avengers and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings afterward! I love my family and I'm grateful for their generosity!


Danielle said...

She is such a sweet little doll! I love her! She is growing so fast!!!

I love how you sort of snuck that part about your birthday in at the end like it wasn't important. You ARE important and I'm glad you did something to celebrate.

Oh, and where's the 3?

Jennilee said...

wow 9 months, that is so crazy!! super cute in all her dresses!! and im glad your birthday was so fun!!

Amy said...

she is adorable. can't wait to meet her and hold her someday.